ASUFICC, Asunción International Contemporary Film Festival, is proposed as a meeting space to experience the contemporary cinema of the world, through unique authors with works that take risks and invite reflection.

Film festivals are nowadays an indispensable platform for meeting, exchange, plurality of views and the formation of audiences, as well as a space for resistance, in a context that increasingly limits access to culture and the diversity of the cinematographic offer.

Emphasizing social problems that empathize with Paraguayan society, it seeks to generate from a programming of cinematographic excellence, train viewers with greater sensitivity and greater awareness of the cinematographic experience and the problems of society.

Likewise, we seek to be a meeting place, training and promotion for Paraguayan cinema, generating exchange with other professionals from Latin America and the world, bringing together other imaginary and revitalizing proposals in terms of language and cinematographic aesthetics, which allow to give rise to a new cinema Paraguayan who is in line with current views and is sensitive to the urgent issues that our society needs to think about and
make visible.

With free and free admission, the first edition of ASUFICC takes place from September 14 to 18, 2021 in a hybrid format, with face-to-face exhibitions in three venues in Asunción with the corresponding capacity and the necessary health care measures that are imposed today and special online activities.



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